Wedding preparations in the open space of the jasa foto prewedding cirebon

Celebrate the wedding party ought to be packaged are cooked. If You are organisation a party in the open space, follow the rules of the game in order to make your party memorable.

Currently the trend of celebrating a wedding in open spaces such as on the beach, in the garden or the garden. The main purpose of celebrating a party at an open space usually want to share my joy with all guests present in order to partake in the celebration of the beauty of a late love of  natural beauty.  Partying in open space is indeed a fun and enjoyable. Imagine, a festive party in the middle of the familiar atmosphere of a relaxed and leisurely set against the natural beauty of the beautiful. The cool breezy wind be lulled song of the surf or trees decorated with a variety of colorful flowers, and the beauty of the blue sky bright became a part of the excitement of your role and will be a beautiful memory that is unforgettable. more jasa foto prewedding cirebon

Shades of natural beauty is certainly an important factor supporting the party. Do not let the beauty of the party atmosphere with a variety of things that you don’t want.

There are “rules that must be paid before you organize a party at an open space, in order to make this unique wedding party took place successfully and festive.

jasa foto prewedding cirebon

Choice of location and time

The most sought after location to celebrate the festivities in the open spaces are usually on the edge of the beach, in the garden or the garden. Whatever your choice, make sure that this location became a safe, comfortable and certainly panoramic.

Do not forget also the time organization of the party. The most recommended hosts a party in the open spaces are usually morning or afternoon ahead of the evening.At this time, the Sun’s rays blazing so do and greater air fresh and cool. Because of the open space, the weather factor also became important things that ought to betaken into account. If necessary use the service handler for an antidote to rain. When the Party held the evening, we recommend that you clean the location in advancethe day before the day of H to reduce the mosquitoes and other insects. If necessary, use the H on the day of the candles contain substances that can repel mosquitoes. In addition, other functions, the flame of the candle may be supporting the decorations to give the feel of a romantic.

Performing Style

Party everywhere, in closed or open spaces, do not forget that being a “major actor” in the party is you and your partner. The look of the both of you as the bride became the main focus of all those present at the party and should be fused with the concept of the party in an open space. Let your missteps, refer to a number of the following tips:

The Bride

The beauty of a natural dune panorama will frame the look of you and your partner.Of course the natural décor style bridal gaun memorable casual or semi formal being the right choice to wear.

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