The Shocking Truth about Ronald and Nancy Reagan’s Use of Psychic Help

003_594x261-1In spite of the fact that stunning as the title shows it turns out as no mystery at all to the way that the Reagan administration was really controlled by the universe visionary powers. Tanaman Obat Tradisional

It is trusted that the Reagan’s while settling on critical choices concerning the state and in the White House unequivocally depended on soothsaying as a guardian angel. Joan Quigley who was the organizer of all presidential travel, question and answer sessions, including the Reagan malignancy surgery was a celestial prophet and construct the surgery with respect to crystal gazing. It is trusted that one marking of a settlement between the U.S and the Soviet to wipe out the medium-extend atomic rockets was marked on prophetic exhortation from Quigley: the arrangement was marked on December 8, 1987 at 1.30 p.m.

At the point when Reagan was a Governor of California, he marked an enactment that permitted authorized stargazers to rehearse their exchange and expelled them from the classification of being crystal gazers. For this situation there is one crystal gazer who turned out to be extremely celebrated in light of anticipating the death of President Kennedy and of which was before a prophetic counsel to the Reagan’s as well; was known as Jeane Dixon. By anticipating that Reagan would get to be Governor of California in 1962 and later the President of The U.S, Dixon picked up Reagan’s support however of which was later dropped by Nancy when she anticipated that the spouse Reagan would not win the presidential decisions in 1976 of which was right.

Joyce Jillson was another celestial prophet who helped the Reagan’s in selecting the VP from a rundown of seven hopefuls and George hedge was the best applicant Jillson could offer; to her it was on account of Bush was a Gemini of which was the best or rather the most perfect sign-a Gemini that rhymed with Reagan who was an Aquarian.

In 1980, when Reagan started his battle, Quigley anticipated his progression to be President of the United States; yet everything changed when there was a death endeavor against Reagan in March 30, 1981; this is on account of Nancy came to discover that March 30 would be a horrible day for Reagan; Nancy learnt this from Quigley. Now Quigley was designated the visionary defender for Reagan’s life from being an easygoing crystal gazer companion, strikingly about this death is that Reagan had a deathbed vision while in the doctor’s facility.

This is when Nancy Reagan likewise got to be mindful of the purported “Presidential Death Cycle” of which it includes Jupiter and Saturn additionally known as the “Zero-year revile”, this is on account of every single president chose at this same time since the race of William Harrison has kicked the bucket while in office.

Harry Truman being a typical man with principals he kept up of which we can really observe the same on Reagan. Harry being a Baptist, the Reagan’s were into psychics and the Presbyterian church of America. In spite of the fact that Reagan opened the strategic relations with the Vatican surprisingly and figured out how to put Rome and the USA on equivalent worldwide ground; Harry marked the Vatican visitor book as Harry S. Truman, Baptist.

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