How to Get Rare Vehicles in GTA V San Andreas

Hello this time I will share information about rare vehicle in the game Grand Theft Auto San Andreas for those of you who want to get the vehicle.

The rare vehicle is a car Truth colorful and named Mothership. How to get this car actually two ways, namely in the mission “Are You Going To San Fierro” and mission “Riot”. The first is on a mission “Are You Going To San Fierro”. You will be told to burn the whole cannabis plants in the garden.

But, do not burn the plants! Shoot Truth and the mission will fail but the car still there. Congratulations! You’ve been able to get his car. And the second is in the mission of “Riot”. This mission is very much so you must be patient. In this mission, you will be asked to bring Sweet to Ganton. But, do not immediately go to Ganton! The explosion of the car but the car Sweet Caesar must be moved in order not to explode. After the mission fails, you can open the car belonging to the Truth (sometimes successfully but if unsuccessful can try again).

Other rare cars is SWAT. Tank cars are rarely seen by the other players and can be encountered when the last mission GTA San Andreas. When you’re told to SWAT tank crashed into the wall, drive the car to save your house that has a garage. Once you put your car into the garage, thwarted a suicide mission, busted, and others.
After CJ died in the hospital went to save your house where you put the SWAT tank and you’ve managed to get a rare car (sometimes successfully also sometimes did not work so try try again if it does not work).

The latter is a rare vehicle that large aircraft. How to get this airplane is very easy so no need to go on a mission to get it. How to get it is to go to Las Venturas. Go to the city’s airport and find a large barn with its door opened and after the open will be a large aircraft. Take the plane by way toward the stairs and hit the triangle button (on PS2) or F (on PC). get unlimited cash gta 5 online money hack

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