How to get gems in clash royale online glitch

What is the first thing my friend think of when they hear there are people who have thousands of gems on account of his clash royale?

“That’s awful tuh able to accelerate while opening the chest (crate)”.

No need to wait for hours. Able to buy gold without having to bother ngumpulinya, to buy magical chest in order to upgrade the card quickly.

That’s when you have a lot of gems. If gk has, Difficult. Collect gold old wrote especially want to upgrade the card, much longer. Each play games always complain “Ah tired, lose hold that same battle enemies”

Though it was reasonable for the level of their cards is higher than the level of my friend’s card. So, having a lot of gems is the right solution to solve the problem.

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The question is, can be many gems from where? Want to buy, unfortunately the money.

Relax, I’m not telling my friend to buy because there are ways to get free gems in clash royale with ease. In this article my friend will learn some ways to get free gems in clash royale without hacking.

Buddy know what will happen if my friend did hack or cheat clash royale account?

Yes yes, immediately banned by the game maker supercell clash royale glitch.

Also, do not believe that if there is a tutorial clash royale hack apk can get thousands of free gems in an instant simply by entering a username clash royale pal. Server clash royale is not easy to hack, the makers of this game is too smart for fooling.

So, be careful not to carelessly enter the username in a tool that is not clear. Because it is possible, pal account will be stolen by the tool maker. For that, try some safe way to get free gems in clash royale following:

How to Get Free Gems Royale Clash of Achievement

Achievement was like a mission. If my friend complete the mission in the clash royale then the friend will get a free gift a few gems.

There is some achievement that can mate to complete to get free gems in clash royale.

The achievement of this:


Team player, join a clan can be 100 Gems free
Donate 25 Card can be 3 Gems for free
Reach arena 2 get 3 free Gems
Collect 20 Gems Card can be 3 free
Whatch a TV Royale Replay can be 5 Gems free

Very easily the achievement that can be resolved to get free gems?

As the mission donate card. So do not be stingy when friends friend who requested donation card. Besides my friend get free gems, my friend will also get gold when card donations to a friend buddy. If you want to see another achievement that can be resolved, click the blue ribbon icon and then view the existing achievement.

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