Ceremony marks start of Attenborough polar ship construction

Cammell LairdImage copyrightJONATHAN AMOS

Construction of the UK’s new £200m polar research ship, the RRS Sir David http://carakumenanam.com/bawang-merah/ Attenborough, formally began on Monday at Cammell Laird on Merseyside.

A ceremony saw a crane lower a near-100-tonne segment of keel on to blocks on the firm’s slipway. The ship is intended to be at work by 2019.

The vessel is already well known owing to the online vote to name it, which saw the public choose Boaty McBoatface.

An autonomous submarine deployed by the ship will be given that name instead.

The government decided that recognition of BBC TV presenter and naturalist Sir David Attenborough for the main vessel would be more fitting.

“The name Boaty has been preserved and will be whizzing around Antarctica for years to come, alongside me I’m happy to say,” chuckled the veteran broadcaster.

And then, more seriously, he added: “I know that the work they will be doing onboard the new polar ship will be important, not only for science but for the whole world, because what happens down in the Antarctic is crucial for what happens to the climate of the Earth.”

Cammell Laird’s managing director, Linton Roberts, said Monday’s keel-laying ceremony was an important moment for his company – an event that had drawn huge interest.

“To be honest I could have sold tickets, so many people wanted to attend,” he told BBC News.

“It’s another chapter in the yard’s history. We’ve built every conceivable type of ship over the last 200 years. Obviously, we’ve come through a period when British shipbuilding has been in the doldrums, but we’re fighting our way back and we see the RRS Sir David Attenborough as a breakout vessel to get us right up there into the top tier.”

Cammell Laird believes the experience of delivering a complex project like the Attenborough will help it win future orders, not just for more research vessels but for a range of ships that might want to operate in the Arctic and the Antarctic.

There is growing interest, for example, in tourism at the poles; and regular cargo routes are likely to open up as the seasonal extent of sea-ice in the far north continues to diminish.

The Birkenhead shipbuilder signed the contract to construct the 128m-long vessel last November.

The deal committed the firm to deliver the ice-breaker in 31 months. Design work, led by Rolls-Royce, resulted in the first steel being cut in July, with the first welded unit of “Hull 1390” now ready to go on its blocks.

Sir David himself was on hand to press the button that initiated the movement of the crane and its massive load.

Tradition calls for the first keel segment to be placed atop a coin. On this occasion, it was a newly minted coin from the British Antarctic Territory (that part of Antarctica claimed by the UK).

“Once the ship is launched, we will recover the coin and we’ll present it to the crew, for good luck while they sail the oceans,” explained Mr Roberts.

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European Schiaparelli probe on target for Mars landing


Europe’s Schiaparelli spacecraft is on course to land on Mars.

The 577kg probe separated successfully from its mothership on Sunday at 14:42 GMT (15:42 BST; 16:42 CEST).

It is now on a direct path to intercept the top of the Red Planet’s atmosphere on Wednesday.

The module will then have just under six minutes to reduce its 21,000km/h entry speed to zero in order to make a relatively soft flop-down on to Mars’ dusty surface.

Schiaparelli’s landing stages

Schiaparelli is a technology demonstrator. It is intended to showcase the European Space Agency’s (Esa) ability to land on Earth’s near neighbour.

The organisation’s only previous attempt was a very short-lived effort – the UK-led Beagle-2 robot in 2003.

This craft managed to make an intact touch-down but then failed to deploy its solar panels properly, blocking any contact with home.

Schiaparelli will hope to fare better, albeit with a planned surface operation of only a few days that will be sustained by batteries.

Landing site for Schiaparelli

Esa controllers in Darmstadt, Germany, were able to confirm the separation of the module from its carrier satellite – the ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter – thanks to a radio transmission beamed across more than 170 million km of space.

Schiaparelli is now on its own; there is nothing anyone can do to change its trajectory or to give it new commands.

Its landing sequence on Wednesday is fully automated. The probe will rub off most of its entry speed thanks to a heatshield that will push up against the Martian air. The combination of a big parachute and a cluster of rockets will then bring it to a near standstill just above the surface. Schiaparelli’s final two metres will see it dump down on to its belly.

The Esa probe will emit UHF tones during its entry, descent and landing phases, which an Indian radio telescope will endeavour to capture and relay to Darmstadt. If the Indian facility can still hear Schiaparelli at 15:00 GMT (16:00 BST; 17:00 CEST) on Wednesday, it will mean the Italian-built module is safely on the surface.

Big burn

While the landing attempt will no doubt occupy the media’s and the public’s attention in the coming days, Esa also has the very important task of “parking” the Trace Gas Orbiter at Mars.

Twelve hours after ejecting Schiaparelli, the satellite was due to change course to avoid following on behind the module and its collision path with the planet.

This manoeuvre will be followed by a “big burn” on the TGO’s main engine on Wednesday, to put it on a large ellipse around Mars.

The orbiter will spend the coming years studying the behaviour of atmospheric components such as methane, water vapour and nitrogen dioxide. Although present in only small amounts, these gases – methane in particular – hold clues about the planet’s current state of activity. They may even hint at the existence of life.

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Why some catch fire and are you at risk?

When Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Note 7 smartphone back in August, with its much-lauded battery life, the South Korean firm looked like it was on to a winner — until the phones started bursting into flames. http://carakumenanam.com/cabe-hidroponik/

Initially, the tech giant cited “battery cell issues” in September but since then, radio silence on the cause of the fault.

Not only did the Seoul-based firm face an embarrassing worldwide recall, but subsequent replacement phones also faced similar issues.

TOPSHOT - A Kyrgyz rider plays the traditional Central Asian sport Buzkashi also known as Kok-Boru or Oglak Tartis during the World Nomad Games 2016 in Cholpon-Ata on the shores of Lake Issyk-Kul, some 270 kms outside the capital Bishkek, on September 8, 2016. 

Mounted players compete for points by throwing a stuffed sheepskin into a well. / AFP / Vyacheslav OSELEDKO        (Photo credit should read VYACHESLAV OSELEDKO/AFP/Getty Images)

Attention has continued to focus on the phone’s lithium-ion battery.
Having failed to fix the disastrous problem, Samsung announced a permanent end to production of the troubled smartphone on Tuesday.

With many of our electronics using these lithium-ion batteries, consumers have been left wondering if they are safe. Here’s what you need to know:

What is a lithium-ion battery?

Batteries are containers that can convert chemical energy to electrical energy through the transfer of electrons from the negative plate — or anode — at one end of the battery to the cathode — or positive plate at the other end.

But traditional batteries have a limited number of units of convertible chemical energy. The difference with the lithium-ion battery is that it is rechargeable — a game-changer in tech innovation.

Steve Levine, author of The Powerhouse: Inside the Invention of a Battery to Save the World explained that it “triggered this whole electronics revolution starting in the beginning of 1990s until today. It has enabled the iPhone, medical devices, wearables, iPads, our thin laptops — all of that is because of the lithium-ion battery.
“Lithium is the lightest metal in the world which is why they use it but it is also extremely volatile, Almost every laptop on the planet, almost every smartphone is a standard formulation which is cobalt-oxide and lithium. But then there are competing formulations.”

Samsung won’t be the last to have exploding batteries
So why do some of them catch fire?

Levine says speculation among researchers suggests that the battery manufacturing process could be the source of the smartphone fires, but ultimately no one knows. And the lack of information creates consumer anxiety which could ripple out to the wider electronics industries.

“It potentially tarnishes all the manufacturers,” said Levine. “How do we know that Apple or the new Google phone is not going to have the same problem?”
However, some experts say the fact the high-end phone has been discontinued points towards a design flaw.

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Nico Hulkenberg secures drive with Renault F1 team

Nico Hulkenberg will join Renault Sport for the 2017 Formula One season, the French team confirmed Friday.

The German wants to “pursue fresh opportunities” within the sport, and was given the green light to agree a multi-year deal by current employers Force India.
“While it’s true we will miss Nico … it would be wrong to stand in his way,” team principal Vijay Mallya announced.

Don't Start Retirement Planning Without These 33 Expert Tips
It’s not yet clear who his teammate will be, but with current Renault drivers Jolyon Palmer and Kevin Magnussen languishing in 16th and 17th respectively, Hulkenberg’s move means at least one of them will lose their seat.
“This season has been about putting the foundations in place for future success,” Renault Sport racing chairman Jerome Stoll said in a statement.

“For our next step we required an experienced driver who is still hungry for podiums. Nico Hulkenberg fulfils this role perfectly and is an excellent complement to what we want to achieve.”

As a new-look Renault team bids to recapture the glory years of Fernando Alonso, who won back-to-back world titles in 2005 and 2006, the Hulk will be hoping he’s finally found a team that can help him achieve his dream of winning the F1 drivers’ championship.

“Having spent five years with us, Nico has become a great friend and contributed a huge amount to the team’s success. He’s an outstanding driver, who has scored more points for this team than anybody else.
“Everybody at Sahara Force India wishes Nico well as he embarks upon a different path in Formula One.”

Hulkenberg had courted speculation with an image of Sport Bild’s homepage on his personal Twitter account, and expressed his excitement at the prospect of following in the footsteps of compatriot Michael Schumacher — a driver for the team in 1995.

“Renault has always been a big player in the motorsport world that brings up incredible memories. In his stint with Renault, Michael Schumacher not only helped make Germany an F1 nation; he also sparked my enthusiasm and fire for racing,” said Hulkenberg.

“F1’s new regulations will change the game and give our team a good opportunity. Renault will play a challenger role, which fits my approach to racing 100%.”

Schumacher may have only had one season behind the wheel at Renault, but the F1 great won the second of his seven career titles before a switch to Ferrari.

By contrast, Hulkenberg began his F1 career in 2010 but has yet to finish on the podium — recording three fourth place finishes in 111 race starts to date.

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Joint Pain – What causes it and how to stop it naturally

(NaturalNews) Joint torment can be brought on by wickedness (checking unpleasant push wounds); bacterial, viral, or irresistible contaminations; or safe structure tribulation. The torment might be bound to one joint or effect different joints; it might relocate starting with one then onto the accompanying. Torment and unmistakable signs might be extraordinary or unending. Joint trouble might be the rule response of infection or it might be one of different. On the off chance that you end up managing an unending condition, consider the standard approach – treat the cause, discover the cure.

nyeri-sendiTrademark Treatment for Chronic Arthritic Conditions

Naturopathic medicine and run of the mill pharmaceuticals concentrate on recouping through sustenance, detoxification, work out, and fitting home created cures when outlined. Standard treatment starts with eating regimen.

Eat less carbs

As an issue of first essentialness, our bodies require sustenance that is perpetual in crisp, entire, general backings. The most supplement thick sustenances are make. The most gainful eating regimen incorporates 80% (or all the more) new, entire, trademark pass on – a more conspicuous number of vegetables than normal things. We additionally should combine solid fats in our eating regimen.

While filling the body with the most supplement thick nourishments, we should swear off adding poisons to the body and we should be watchful about removing hurts from the body that we genuinely need to add up to from our sullied surroundings.

To swear off including hurts and other harming substances to our bodies, we should wipe out fake flavors, shades, and included substances; MSG; trans fats; GMOs, high fructose corn syrup, and all other organized sugars. We in like way should minimize caffeine and liquor. As it were, we have to eat genuine support – not dealt with sustenances.


In the event that we are eating right, we are detoxing our bodies through the sustenance we eat. Green verdant vegetables, close by other pass on high in fiber, change the microbiome in the gut, diminishing evil small living creatures and developing magnificent microorganisms. Garlic, cilantro, cruciferous vegetables, spirulina, and chlorella all chelate overwhelming metals and assorted lethal substances and remove them from the body.

By eating the right eating regimen, we are helping our bodies detox reliably. It is still a sharp thought to experience a decent, solid detox regimen twice consistently on the off chance that you are shown to a psyche boggling dangerous load (surrounding anybody living and urban way of life).

Work out

Yes, practice is vital. Not just is practice required for bone thickness and muscle quality, our sheltered structure obliges headway to do its occupation. The lymphatic framework is a circulatory structure that is reliant on body headway to push liquids through the body. Walk, run, move, skip rope, swim, do yoga – whatever you can do to get moving. Blend it up and have an awesome time.

Next Steps to End Radang Sendi

Precisely when the body gets the best sustenance, detoxification, and work out, it will start to recoup. Regardless, we can help the strategy with supplements and focused on backings.

Anybody acquainted with trademark repairing contemplates defective gut issue. Against sullying masters and an unpleasant eating routine begin the spoil of the gut. Gluten and Candida proceed with the pulverization and cumbersomeness. Right when a broken gut gifts remote particles oversee access to the circulatory structure, hypersensitivities and safe system issue result. To stop joint torment, you should recoup your gut.

While the general conviction structure is that sheltered structure diseases are the possible result of the safe framework running amuck and striking sound tissue, the blemished gut alliance and systemic Candida endorse a substitute condition – that the protected framework is ambushing outside particles that have gotten to be a long way from the gut. One thing is no ifs ands or buts: different individuals who experience the malevolent effects of resistant structure malady report a lessening or a finish confirmation in joint torment and unmistakable signs following to correcting their gut and taking after a solid eating plan that takes out gluten, drain, known sensitivities, and sugar.

An expansion in omega 3 unsaturated fats is besides fundamental. Flaxseed oil or Udo’s 3.6.9. with DHT oil are both incredible wellsprings of omega 3 unsaturated fats. Utilize either on servings of mixed greens or cooked vegetables.


Hypothyroidism is another run of the mill reason behind joint torment, consistently connected with trouble in the wrist, bear, elbow, neck, knee, and hip. Hypothyroidism in like way causes torment in the twists and triggers cerebral torments, including headaches. Once more, it makes the feeling that success starts in the gut as hypothyroidism as frequently as would be prudent takes after split gut issue, gluten affectability, and Candida riches. Modifying the gut and the thyroid can resolve torment in the joints and connective tissues.


Joint torment and disease is not a basic piece of creating. It implies that your body is hollering out for you to take off upgrades for the span of your life – particularly in your eating regimen. Look at What Causes Chronic Inflammation and How to Stop It For Good and Leaky Gut Syndrome and Autoimmune Diseases for additional on unsettling influence, with particular customs and cures. For an inside and out take a gander at hypothyroidism with trademark cures, see the essential source underneath. Focus. Give your body what it needs. It will reimburse you with years of torment free living.



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5 vitamins for eye health

Maple Ridge Eye Care is passing on issues to light about the significance of empowering supplements for securing vision and reducing the peril for eye sicknesses, including age-related macular degeneration (AMD). In a late study, masters found that individuals who ate no under three reliably servings of bananas, oranges and various normal things had a 36% lower risk of making age-related macular degeneration. (AMD) than individuals who ate shy of what one and a half servings, reports optometrist Dr. M. Hurlbert. On the off chance that people can’t eat this different sustenances created from the earliest starting point. Hurlbert prompts taking dietary supplements and vitamin mata.


“As for marvelous eye flourishing, it’s not as essential as eating a few carrots,” said Dr. Hurlbert with Maple Ridge Eye Care. “Support can expect an essential part in decreasing the hazard for age-related macular degeneration. Regardless, you have to eat no under three servings of consequences of the soil reliably, which for two or three individuals is less asking for said than done. That is one reason we sensibly propose the utilization of managing suplemen mata.”

As to selecting wholesome supplements, Dr. Hurlbert proposes:

Lutein distinctive studies have found that lutein can either help preventAMD or may coordinate advancement of the disease: Research passed on in Nutrition and Metabolism found that a wholesome supplement containing lutein possibly broadened the optical thickness of the macular shading in eyes of the vast majority of subjects. The macular shade is recognized to offer security against the change of macular degeneration.

Zinc, Selenium, Vitamin B, Vitamin C and Vitamin E may besides give additional assurance from conditions, for occurrence, glaucoma and age-related macular degeneration, says Dr. Hurlbert.

Dr. Hurlbert’s proposition is according to examine from the National Eye Institute (NEI). In 2001, specialists with the Age-Related Eye Disease Study reported that dietary supplements could diminish the danger of making pushed age-related macular degeneration (AMD) by 25%, as showed by NEI.

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Invest first, make money later

Today, Beijing-based bike sharing startup Ofo announced a US$130 million series C round – its fifth round of funding since the service went online 13 months ago. The latest round includes funding from ride-hailing titan Didi Chuxing – http://carakumenanam.com/cara-menanam-sayuran/  announced just two weeks ago – as well as fresh capital from a hodgepodge of investors, including Chinese unicorn Xiaomi, Shunwei Capital (a venture capital firm co-founded by Xiaomi’s founder Lei Jun), and Russian billionaire Yuri Milner.

Ofo is part of China’s burgeoning bike sharing industry, where users park their bikes wherever they want and use an app to find available bikes parked nearby. The startup’s services are targeted at university students, but that could change very soon.

“At the moment, we do have plans to expand into the city, though it has nothing to do with this latest round of funding,” a spokesperson from Ofo told Tech in Asia.

That would put it head-to-head with Mobike, which raised US$10 million in August. Mobike was founded by David Wang, a former executive of Uber China, the ex-arch nemesis of Didi, one of Ofo’s largest investors.

Invest first, make money later

Photo credit: Ofo.

Photo credit: Ofo.

China’s rapidly growing bike sharing business is awfully reminiscent of the country’s ride-hailing wars, which took off last year when two Chinese ride-hailing companies, Kuaidi Dache and Didi Chuxing (previously Didi Dache), tried to destroy each other through cash-burning subsidies. Once they merged, the turf war continued to rage on, but between Uber and Didi.

The Mobike versus Ofo battle could follow a similar trajectory. Like ride-hailing, bike sharing relies on investor money to attract users with rock bottom prices. For example, Mobike’s service costs US$0.15 per half hour, plus a US$44.76 deposit. In addition, unlike ride-hailing, the dockless bike sharing industry faces its own set of unique challenges, including vandalism and theft.

The latest round of funding will go towards growing Ofo’s team and improving its hardware. Ofo is teaming up with Xiaomi to upgrade its bikes and plans to incorporate its service into Didi’s ride-hailing app, according to the company’s press release.

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AI isn’t happening in the future, it’s happening now

I’ve always been fascinated with AI computers – although, as a kid, I called them robots. And like a lot of kids I thought they were awesome.

I remember when Terminator 2 came out, I was obsessed. Arnold was amazing. He was the intelligent machine that would do the bidding of John Connor, the human he was programmed to protect. I remember telling my best friend Ellison to pretend I was his robot for a week.

Fortunately, or unfortunately for Ellison, that desire of wanting to be the terminator passed and life went on, but my interest in AI and technology continued.

Photo credit: Victory of the People

What does AI look like today?

AI is a branch of computer science that deals with the intelligence of software or machines.

AI isn’t some intelligent self-aware entity that will destroy humans once it realizes we are obsolete.

AI isn’t some intelligent self-aware entity that will destroy humans once it realizes we are obsolete, which is the general misconception. That technology definitely isn’t here (yet).

Typically, the AI technology available now specializes in only one area; for example IBM’s Deep Blue was taught how to play chess, Tesla cars were taught how to auto drive. But ask Deep Blue to drive a car or ask Tesla cars to play chess? They wouldn’t have a clue.

Within AI there are many research areas such as image recognition, voice recognition, natural language processing, scientific analysis and diagnosis. The list goes on.

The onset of chatbots

‘Chatbot’ has become something of a buzzword and a lot of people have been talking about it. What is it? It’s a service powered by predefined questions and answers which allows users to interact via a chat interface and receive information on a particular subject.

The most basic implementation is a simple FAQ section where someone could ask a question and a chatbot would respond. But the technology can be taken a step further.

You could develop a sales chatbot where, instead of browsing a website to find a product, you could tell the chatbot what you want.

An example would be interactive advertising. Instead of being served generic content, you could walk up to the billboard and say ‘show me men’s wear,’ and the content would change depending on your request.

Chatbots IRL

The idea of a chatbot is to replicate the experience of talking with an actual person in the real world, except this is via a seemingly intelligent computer.

Ikea has made chatbots an integral part of its overall strategy. Anna, its customer service bot, answers questions and gives advice via Twitter and email. Anna has the ability to give customers a choice over how to communicate, and can hand them off to human assistance if necessary.

In other words it streamlines sales or customer service with automated replies, which ensures consistency and efficiency in the sales or customer service experience.

And, for the customer, it gives them a more natural way to access specific information they’re interested in.

With the launch of Facebook’s ‘M’ signalling the rising global interest in chatbots, it looks like we may be entering the next phase of technology.

More and more brands are getting on the chatbot bandwagon. For example, taxi hailing brand Uber made sure it was ready for chatbots when it publicly released its API in China last year.

At the same time as giving developers the chance to integrate Uber functionality into third party apps, it also teamed up with Raven Tech, an AI-focused startup. Its virtual assistant ‘EVA’ allows users in the territory to book rides with Uber, chat about the journey and discuss prices.

With the launch of Facebook’s ‘M’ signalling the rising global interest in chatbots, it looks like we may be entering the next phase of technology – an intelligent, responsive service entirely focused on what works for the user.

AI more real than ever

The East is ahead of the West when it comes to chatbots. Virtual assistants are now available to both messaging platform users and brand fans. If they want to get close to the retailer or service of their choice, all they have to do is open the messaging service they already use every day and ask a question.

Integration of AI technology into our everyday lives isn’t something that is going to happen in the future. It’s happening now. It may seem scary and complicated, but in the words of John McCarthy, who coined the term artificial intelligence, “As soon as technology works, no one calls it AI anymore.”

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Update Plight Canyon in Warlock Castle Clash

A New features in the Android game Conflict castle has emerged, which will add fun of her battle between players, not just the feature just yet some other features have been changed to be more attractive, enables gamers conflict castle / castle clash, also when employing a hero then There is an option to be in place in a warehouse into a hero card, but if you get the slime creature it will automatically be the essence of Sari starch.

In addition to updates to these features, there is also a hero / heroine emerging that Warlock but unfortunately I have not been able to get her a new hero called the Warlock, fortunately my friend to get her, so I got a picture that warlock hero.


Warlock Castle Clash of Expertise: Fire Shield (similar to the death knight)

Details of Expertise: Creates X% ATK and reduce MOV SPD X% to 3 enemies for 6 seconds. 3 allows the alliance to reflect X% DMG & make them immune to the bully status for 5 seconds. Cooldown: 7 seconds.
Special Skills: In normal circumstances, Warlock expertise will be active when it has a maximum Energy. His expertise can be active even if not attacked. (Skills inactive when it is disabled or when the Warlock fainting

Change Log Daily make friends clasher easier to get a point advantage, because on the 15th day daily login are gift of 20 Gems, 500 badge of honor and benefit package 2 which contains 5000 point benefits. quite right to buy the card can refresh talent hero, or collect to buy a card hero legend.

Additional features of the latest and that no less exciting is the canyon plight, inside the canyon sorrow that is somewhat similar to the storm Mesa performer in required forming a small defense have been provided such as, wall fence, the headquarters of a hero, tower defense that can be upgraded to use gold, which, badges, such as his case storm mesa, 4 players join together to overcome the challenges gorge plight, anyone an enemy found in the canyon nestapa conflict castle / castle clash of them is a hero usual, hero elite, and the hero legend, there also dinosaurs and most annoying is the devil There is also a late challenge, of course, Pumpkin Prince is in need in challenging the plight canyon. castle clash free gems

Here below is a video of the canyon nestapa conflict castle / castle clash, while roll gems but can only orksbane and the God of Thunder, okay please Watching his videos.

That video about the new challenges of conflict castle / castle clash that called Canyon plight, in the canyon challenge nestapa try to use pumpkin prince, or if you do not have a pumpkin prince can ask for help at the Group of friends. Thank you

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Is That Body Temperature?

The body temperature is a measure of the ability of the body especially in produce and also get rid of the heat contained in the body. The body temperature is one of the important part that you should understand, because through it can know whether you’ve been stricken with a serious illness or not. To determine differences in body temperature to determine the occurrence of symptoms of disease in the body, you also have to distinguish in advance as if possessed body temperature under normal circumstances.



Many opinions were expressed that the temperature of the body’s normal in humans it is at a point 37 degrees Celsius. The statement is true, because the normal temperature of the human body is in the range of that number. However, this does not mean that the temperature is in the range of other figures is not normal. Because quite many people who have normal temperatures in the ranges of 36.5 to 37.5 degrees Celsius on the body.

The temperature in the body of a human being is not always the same, and can even vary throughout the day. This usually occurs because of the weather and also the atmosphere in the surrounding environment. Just as your body temperature in the morning will vary with temperature in the daytime and the evening. The lowest temperature on the human body that are usually experienced in the morning, which will rise to 0.6 degrees Celsius in the afternoon.

In addition to changes with time and the atmosphere of the surrounding environment, the activity you are doing, you can change the temperature of the body. For example, when you do sports activities during the day, the body temperature will increase by 0.6 degrees Celsius. Even when a woman has an ovulation cycle / menstruation, it can also berpengatuh at body temperature. For that reason, the normal body temperature of a person with each other will be very different people, whether it is lower or even higher.

Is it dangerous to Body Temperature Low and High?

The temperature of the body you have is important to understand, because of the high or low temperature on the body and can potentially pose a health hazard.

  • Low Body Temperature

    Low body temperature is usually better known as hypothermia. When has a very low body temperature, you have to be careful. Due to low body temperature can lead to consequences such fatal.Mengapa? Low temperatures will slow down the nervous system, respiratory, and circulatory you have. Low body temperature it can be regarded as hypothermia when the temperature reaches below 35 degrees Celsius.

  • High body temperature

    High body temperature usually known as hyperthermia. In this condition the body you will usually be at a temperature that is at a point 38.3 degrees Celsius or even more. In hyperthermia, the temperature continues to rise at a different body with increasing temperature conditions at the time of fever. This happens because when a fever temperature rise is still in a setting temperature controlled system.While in patients with hyperthermia, these temperatures will continue to rise uncontrollably, resulting in a sense of shock overheating.

  • symptoms of Hypothermia

    People who have a low temperature in the body, he will experience some symptoms. Some of these symptoms include chills ie, speech that the longer feels increasingly unclear, breathing increasingly short and too weak, and awareness of patients that the longer it will fade. Besides marked also by skin felt increasingly cold and reddish, becomes weak, no energy, and cried continually without power.

  • symptoms Hyperthermia

    Hyperthermia occurs when the symptoms of heat stroke that originated from the hot environment so that the body can not cool the temperature is normal, and is also effective. As a result, the temperature is increasingly rising in the person’s body can be sustained and also cause dehydration which can damage organs even permanently.

How How to Prevent order Nor Body Temperature Low High Not?

When you start getting down merasakah temperature of your body, then you begin to use warm clothes and thick. Also try to make the body in a state that is always dry, and make it a habit to drink hot drinks like ginger stew. Besides a warm bath can also be an option to prevent the hypothermia.

Prevention against high temperatures experienced by the body is to avoid an environment that is hot enough. In addition use the same cooling device, be it a cooling fan or other Rungan.
However, where prevention is already done but it happens more severe symptoms, then the best way is to do a medical treatment as soon as possible.

The body temperature is a measure of low or high temperatures privately owned man.The ability to measure the body temperature is very important to know the condition of the body, whether it be in good shape or even vice versa. Because of the low and high temperature through the body lah, you can check diseases that might attack.

source : http://kutilkelamin.biz

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