How to Increase Business Being Respected Fanpage So Many People


No need to feel sad when we’ve compiled many business plans remain ultimately fail, even following the business forum the results are still the same and nothing changes. In the business world, we would definitely feel the tidal outstanding. Moreover, if we have a lot of rivals moreover own scale of a larger network. Surely it will feel being the income that is not maximum.

Then how are we to maximize our business with additional income from the business that we make. You’ve heard the name fan page, the page for those who follow the activities of a social media one created on facebook fanpage. If we know, actually making this fan page we can add revenue through the creation of this fanpage.

Why we can add revenue through the pages of the fans, this is because Google provides a business forum that had been made neatly so that businesses can manage their business properly without having to feel lonely visitors on the website that you create. If talk about the cost, of course the company of Facebook also will attract an administration fee for people who use fanpage page for a fee. This occurs because every advertisement we make through the website, would be connected with the site facebook, so the info update on our business will be read very well and will be shown with this fan page.

After that, there are some benefits that can be learned from making this fanpage. When facebook page promoting our website, people who like the page will create a one-click results if cashed in the form of dollars. So the more people who like the page of our website, then there will be paid every click is called pay per click.

Besides liking the page, visitors certainly fanpage we’ll read an article that we have made regarding our business, so many visitors  fanpage, will be more people who know about the sites we. And it will increase our website traffic sites being used for business. Not another case with Jasa Adwords Terpercaya can help optimize our site to be more visitors. So social media applications that exist today, it is no longer only used for chatting application or up to date status, but as a place to manage the business has also been effective.

Then, what about the other advertising services, whether it is good for us when use in starting a business, or are we just simply use facebook and make fan pages and then we got a lot of advantages to people who visit our site? The real answer is we also be able to use the services of ads already supplied by a reliable vendor with services like google  AdWords. So we do not have to worry about no amount of advertising services, because we can choose a trusted advertising services for the survival of the business being managed.


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Tourism and Culinary place Coolest in Jogja

yogya beach

Lots of culinary jogja seekers are being hunted or the hunter a good meal around Jogja area. Of course some culinary places in Jogja which we will discuss this in summarizing from various sources that will provide recommendations culinary place of Jogja Jogja culinary and also cheap with a distinctive taste Jogja.

Yogyakarta or Yogyakarta, the city that has the best tourism which certainly million mandatory for you to visit. Having natural attractions and an incredible city, of course, makes the atmosphere in Jogja or Yogyakarta is very charming and you must visit. Some places may become available to the recommendation when Jogja include Sermo Reservoir in Kalibiru, Bukit Parang Endog, Niagara Sri Gethuk jogja, Sunday Morning UGM, Yogyakarta Suroloyo Peak, Turkish Pok Tunggal jogja, and Curug Indah Tegalrejo.

on this occasion we will invite you to discuss about Jogja culinary information that would be very useful for those of you who are currently in Yogyakarta city and you are at least obliged to sample the culinary Jogja is very typical for berkuliner new experience.

At least there will be about some culinary places in Jogja which will be the login to your culinary jogja. Well now is the time you read the list or the list of culinary tourism in Jogja that you must try when you’re in the city of Yogyakarta.

Kalimilk Yogyakarta

Info culinary jogja first is a coffee shop which is very famous in the city of Yogyakarta, this culinary place known by the name Kalimilk Yogyakarta. Turns coffe shop in the city of Yogyakarta that many enjoy doing is a coffe shop serving milk as a menu mainstay and one coffe shop with milk as its flagship menu is Kalimilk Yogyakarta.

Uniquely Kalimilk Yogyakarta has its own designation for customers ie Neneners. Menus are served by culinary jogja this one just does not taste the original milk alone, but provided a variety of flavors such as durian flavored milk, cookies, chocolate, and for those of you who like to snack, in Kalimilk also available snack.

manggar Manding

For a second culinary cheap jogja this is a culinary attractions in Jogja the call with manggar Manding. Menu culinary in Manding manggar are warm, but warm in the culinary Jogja’s this one is not the same as another. Gudeg in Manding manggar is made from young coconut flower.

It seems that in manggar Manding menu has become one of Jogja culinary, because this warm seems to be a special meal the first royal era. Menu gudeg in Manding manggar is served with a variety of side dishes such as tempeh and vegetable bacem krecek.

Bong Kopitown

Culinary tour next Jogja is a tourist spot that has the concept as a prison in the city of Yogyakarta. Even for the building of Bong Kopitown is equipped with bars just like in prison and even unique in the culinary tour jogja Kopitown Bong also include prison guards.

a lot of the food menu is served in this Kopitown Bong, like let’s say spicy noodle rendang, fried noodle penang, drip coffee and sapo know. If you want to try the sensation of eating on a culinary tour jogja Bong Kopitown this please go to the address 4th Street Sagan Kidul, Yogyakarta.

Mie permeable 12

For info culinary Yogya or Jogja culinary place in which to four this is a very creative place to eat. Because in the culinary Jogja permeable Mie 12 will present noodle menu like the one in the picture packs of instant noodles that we usually cook at home.

In other words, you will get instant noodle dish as well as that of the bungus the instant noodles. Let’s say you want to eat instant noodles with rendang flavor, then you will bowl complete with menus or extra side dishes like beef rendang as on packs. Not only was it in a culinary Jogja permeable Mie 12 this you can also enjoy a soda and milk shakes.

House Of Raminten

With the culinary concept of Jogja very traditional, House of Raminten this presents with a menu such as rice cat, cunduk, wedang lemongrass, tofu balls and satay. For the building of the House Of Raminten nuanced as Java.

Uniquely when you eat, you will be accompanied by gending or Javanese music which will surely add a traditional feel to be more embedded in our hearts.

3 best recreation areas in jojga

Sermo reservoir

Sermo reservoir is located in a mountainous area Menoreh, Kulon Progo. Shopping is very beautiful, especially at sunset. Tourist attractions in Jogja which has Kalibiru name, is the name of a village and forests located in the district Kokap, Kulon Progo. Villagers who preserve laamlah who make this tourist location is very beautiful and you must visit. Only Rp. 3000 only, you can feel the beauty of the Sermo Reservoir and green felt Kalibiru.

peak Suroloyo
Soroloyo peak tourist attractions in Jogja is fascinating to feel the beauty of the sunrise. Suroloyo peak in situated in Menoreh Mountains, Kulon Progo, Yogyakarta. Tourist attractions like paradise, offers views of the sunrise over the surface of the cloud. From the substation highest viewpoint, namely at 1019 meters above sea level, is certainly very interesting and you can also see four incredible views, namely Mount Merapi, Merbabu, chipped, and Sindoro, you can also see Borobudur if the circumstances were sunny andnot shrouded in fog.

Turkish Pok Tunggal
Many famous beaches of the area gunng Kidul. but there is one unique hidden beaches like heaven on earth. Located between the cliffs cliffs make this beach very charming. Turkish Pok Tunggal is the name of paradise located in a privileged area of Yogyakarta.

The beach is just known its existence, so not many tourists who visit this beautiful beach. Even if lucky or come on the day of work, you can feel the beach to yourself, like a queen beach.

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How to Get Rid of Acne Fast and Proven

How to Get Rid of Acne Fast and Proven

Acne is a complex problem for almost everyone. Anyone would’ve seized this painful red objects. Although not classified as a dangerous disease, but its existence is very disturbing to make you lose confidence. As a result people who are ‘close’ to this one thing, finding ways to make these acne could be wiped from his face. Not only that, the presence of acne is disturbing, makes people vying to create acne repellent products in a short time. But be careful, sometimes there is only healer that actually make acne worse. Though there are natural ways to get rid of acne in just one night.

Acne is a skin problem that often makes us feel annoyed. Sure, acne is not a serious skin problem, but because of the annoying pimples, making less attractive appearance and there are times when we are not confident because of acne.

This acne problems can happen to anyone, knows no age. But the main target of acne are teenagers who have gone through puberty, which at puberty, hormones in adolescents is not well controlled.

There are several factors that cause acne to appear on your face, including Jerawatanlewat:

Squeezing Pimples
If you frequently touch and squeeze acne, do not blame if the acne will imprint on your face and will move to other areas of the face. Squeezing pimples can cause sores and wounds that will cause dark spots and imprint on the skin.

Radiation Sunlight
Solar radiation will further aggravate acne, because the UV light triggers the production of melanin. Melanin is a substance produced by the body to protect the skin from sun exposure and causes the skin to become darker.

Excessive oil production, one obvious cause is the oil produced too much, as this will cause clogging of the pores if there are dead skin cells and impurities, the excess oil will not be wasted smoothly.

Dead skin cells, excess oil produced after coupled with dead skin cells and dust was closed pores and causes black spots which will lead to acne

Cosmetics for teenagers is actually not yet time to use cosmetics excessively because of factors can lead to acne than cosmetic itself that can clog the pores to dispose of waste products

Bacteria, bacteria will invade the skin that had been stopped earlier and of cause inflammation remarkable, because that diligently cleaning the face.


Papaya fruit in addition to having a delicious flavor also has many benefits, among them is to go on a diet, and taking care of our face to be free from acne problems. Make a papaya mask by means grind in a food processor / blender, after becoming a soft dough, please apply on facial acne and let stand for about 15 minutes. After that, rinse your face with cold water to clean the rest of the mask.


High content of vitamin C in lemons can help overcome the stubborn acne problem. Prepare fresh lemon and squeeze the juice, the lemon juice rubbed on the face with the help of cotton or a clean cloth. Do this before bed and wash your face in the next morning.


The benefits of honey in the world of beauty is not in doubt, you can try the recipes egg white honey mask for acne on your face disappear fast. Set 1 tablespoon of honey and one egg white grains, mix both ingredients and beat until well blended, apply on face as a mask, leave on for about 15 minutes, after just wash your face with warm water, and finish by washing the face again with cold water ,

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10 easy ways to plug the “Wallpapers”

Installing wallpaper to mess with professional craftsmen turned out you can do it yourself.

In fact, you can express and test of creativity through the installation of wallpaper.

To make the walls look different or have a focal point, game wallpapers is indeed appropriate. Design it yourself is not difficult.

Follow these ten steps:


Prepare the necessary equipment, such as a plastic tray, ladder, cutter, pencil, ruler and tape measure, yarn with ballast, glue wallpapers, bak to mortar glue (2 pieces), sponges, brushes, roller glue, sandpaper, and the cape to flatten the wall.


After the field wall or surface is ready, mix the paste with water. Make it in two separate tubs, namely, glue for glue to connection and part of the whole. Fix the connection portion is thicker, so the power Temple taller.


Measure the length and width of the area that will be coated wallpaper. Adjust the width of the field with a width of wallpaper. Donovan’s roughly 1 to 1.5 cm for the connection.

Release the wallpaper or wallpaper is not an easy process. If you want more practical, you can employ professionals. However, it does not mean you are not likely to let go of its own.
Long cut wallpaper into panels, but tailored to their needs. See the installation instructions on the paper packaging in every description that explains how bringing together between the panel motives or pieces of wallpaper.

The position of the

Mark the location of the wallpaper with a pencil. Use the tools in the form of yarn with a ballast to be straight and neat.


Once marked, apply glue with the roller on the surface of fields that will be coated wallpaper. Do this step slowly.


Paste the wallpaper carefully. Note the marking that you have created previously sported a pencil.


On the connection, use glue that is thicker. Apply it with a brush specifically in this section.

However, if you are challenged to livery a few at a time, using the limit up to three marks in one room. The first pattern is great and the second pattern of attention, should have a color almost similar with one of the other guys but smaller, and for the third model, use complementary colors and textures are neutral on the smaller scale.
Flatten wallpaper that has been installed with an acrylic ruler. Cut the rest of the wallpaper with a cutter. Use a sponge to soak up excess glue. This process also serves to flatten the wallpaper.

Check tv online euro 2016

Once attached, check again to make sure the Neatness, especially on the part of the connection and the corner.

Good luck!

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Featured Cheap Furniture to Luxurious

The luxurious feel of the House does not have to be created from a selection of expensive furniture. Memorable luxury with a touch of charming enough to be rendered through the creativity of packaging.

Keiza Amorani, in his book “fresh ideas, to organize your home” issue of the main Library, Gramedia conveys some of the interior blending tips into view in your home.

According to him, any interior style can be selected through the packaging. For example, wrap is couch with a choice of leather or velvet upholstery dark colors. Or, use silver or gold accents on the corners of furniture, such as on the toe chairs and tables.

While for floor covering, you can select materials from wood, marble or granite. To save costs, you can also find similar devices with other materials, such as wood flooring from PVC materials are easily disassembled pairs, or ceramic with wood, granite, or marble.

However, if you want to continue using marble, marble choose already broke. The price is lower because the conditions are not right. It’s just a 14-marble, a sculpture is sold in the form of waste, are then used in mosaics.

Also, you can maximize the utilization of the leading light with the use of crystal chandeliers or lamps rainbow. Add a couple of spotlights with the Rails in the ceiling of the room to give a dramatic effect.

While the other touches is a tiny window with window remodel-size-tall wall. How, you just enter the tracks curtains into the ceiling.

Simple, right? It was just a couple of examples only. Now, you can begin redecorating Your rooms with a touch of luxury.

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Halong Bay, The Mainstay Of Viet Nam Tourist Suck

Hear the name Viet Nam I immediately imagined war film Tour of Duty I’ve watched time SD. First, this movie was so relieved to me until one day I want to go to Viet Nam.

One of the popular destinations in Viet Nam and became an icon of Halong Bay is located in the Gulf of Tonkin.

Halong Bay has over 1,600 large islands and several islets that form clumps of white limestone rocks are beautiful and amazing.

However Halong Bay uninhabited because most the Islands was rugged and barren by the rock chalk. Arguably the Halong Bay is not touchable by humans because the hard rock made of islands in Halong Bay are unworthy to live and just enough to enjoy its beauty.

Headed to Halong Bay, it takes up to 3 hours from the city of Hanoi. This destination is located in the Gulf of Tonkin, province of Quảng Ninh, Viet Nam. It is located approximately 165 km is about from the capital of Hanoi Viet Nam itself.

The extent of approximately 1,600 ha and includes 43,400 large islands in it with views of towering limestone rock. The beauty of Halong Bay is based in karst limestone landforms that form the pillars of beauty along the side.

First, coupled with the presence of arches and goa-goa formed due to erosion and abrasion around tourist destinations, will certainly add to the beauty of Halong Bay.

It’s worth staying overnight in Halong Bay because the most appropriate photographing landscapes are the morning. Once at Halong Bay, we should head to the ship that takes travelers to cross Halong Bay; Halong Bay Boat Harbour is quite clean and large.

When I entered the port in the shape of the letter, U proved to be colossal, one of the most significant tourist ports I’ve ever seen. From the ports I saw so many boats are available to take the visitors, was reminded of the colossal film China if you want to fight very much and crowded.

The trip from the Harbour to Halong Bay wearing a wooden boat takes less than 1 hour; we will pass the rock rocks. Next look at the process of regression and transgression of the ocean over time was able to produce an excellent view start from the top of the cone-shaped limestone rocks and the eruption of such results, the results add to the beauty of the parallel process of the geological happens here.

See the hills that are on this I am reminded of Halong Bay with islands of Raja Ampat, Papua Wayag somewhat different if people say pretty much the same. Wayag, Raja Ampat in mountain slopes, have a smaller Cone and gathering into one of the Islands, while the vast Halong Bay region.

See the shape is probably more similar to the limestone was in Phi Island Thailand. Because of the breadth of Halong Bay is thus divided into two i.e. kriterion region VII and VIII kriterion. Kriterion region VII for example, in it there is an awful lot of limestone islands and small islands towering up into the sea.

All of which is made up of various shapes, sizes and unique. Despite having been formed millions of centuries ago, but its beauty is not tergradasi by human civilization. Create the form of a unique and unusual that it was including the magnificent towering pillar due to the invasion, the arches on the surface of the sea that naturally formed because the results of the eruption and a variety of cave-cave beautiful some of which you can log in.

Indeed most fitting photographing the beauty of Halong Bay from the air, if in Indonesia I bring a drone to anywhere. While the time to it here by chance I do not carry the drones so it can only capture the beauty of Halong Bay from the bottom only.

One of the tourist areas in Halong Bay is the region VIII kriterion. Here you will find the Tower of Halong Bay, which is above sea level. The area of the tower is the one that is located in the famous rocks with breathtaking Fengcong cone.

Also, there is also a lake with calm water which is also surrounded by many lines. The Dolines are an important asset of the Karst Fencong will appear when receding and will sink (not visible) when the tide. So if are not pairs we can paddle RIAs here.

Halong Bay-crowned as national sites in 1962 by the Government of Viet Nam that subsequently became the site of the National Landscape under the legal and cultural heritage of the Government of Viet Nam are contained in regulations in 2009 as for ownership of land held directly by the provincial government.

Destinations at once this historical heritage also protected directly by some laws which apply nationally and include some of the Government’s decision.

If you are a first time traveling to Viet Nam, my advice is obligated to come to Halong Bay. Because it has become the icon of the natural beauty of Viet Nam, I recommend you stay here for two nights so that satisfied the way roads here. The natural beauty of Ha Long Bay, which makes this place very famous in the world.

The Way Leading To Halong Bay

Traveling to Halong Bay Viet Nam are two ways, the first is backpacker and second is search the packages being the promo. Each there are pros and cons, later I will discuss in more detail below.

1. To go to Halong Bay, you could purchase a plane ticket from Jakarta to Saigon, Viet Nam. Travel time from Manila to Saigon was approximately 3.5 hours. After that proceed from Saigon to Hanoi, the capital of Viet Nam.

I recommend buying the plane tickets a canal from one airline, because if delay, the airline will be responsible for replacing it with another flight. If Bede aircraft I suggest to find tickets for the morning and from Saigon to Hanoi late afternoon.

After arriving in Hanoi, we recommend searching buses to Halong Bay. Incidentally, if the night I am not memorized his schedule. If better until the night you stay at Hanoi with finding lodging, and in the morning can continue to ride the bus to Halong Bay for 3-4 hour road trip.
Following up on the most flattering moment of Halong Bay to enjoy Halong Bay it is in the morning. So if arrived at Halong Bay during the day better stay again in this hotel which is close to the harbor crossings.

The ship’s cost per person approx. 350,000 or approximately Rp 200,000 to 250,000 Usd. For friends who backpacker to Halong Bay I recommend if you have enough time and long on your holiday, as transit from one transport to another transport requires a fairly long time.

2. create you who don’t have a lot of time on work and the long vacation. I suggest to look for package tours. If it does not want to elaborate search tour packages from Jakarta, because aside from conserve time sometimes tour packages could be cheaper because often there are promos. kumpulan kata bijak

Consideration of why I prefer the tour trip:
1. Because I went with the family
2. Have not been to the venue
3. I want to get a lot of photos on a six-day tour
4. My time is limited and can not long travel
5. Baseball dizzies in the same accommodation, and usually at night after the tour I usually leave search city
6. On low season travel often give promo price. If the calculated can be cheaper than backpacker.

Advantages and disadvantages of backpackers
1. More efficient and thrifty if with my friends a lot.
2. Be able to set your itinerary is satisfied, but time was on leave and holidays must be long. If on leave just a little better don’t backpacker.
3. Can Learn a new language and meet people.
4. bring The gadget or the camera has to be extra careful because goods lost a lot happens on the bus or the train.

Advantages and disadvantages join Tour package
1. Could be cheaper than backpacker If Avid-Avid looks promo offer.
2. Comfort, security and guaranteed.
3. The time to enjoy one more budget destinations, because usually in a day many destinations are worth visiting.
4. Can I get quality time with the family vacation?
5. Waking up should always be in the morning because usually the trip schedule from morning until night in full. (BARRY KUSUMA)

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Recommendation 5 tourist destinations in Indonesia to Australia Tourist

Based on Australian Bureau of Statistics mentioned if Indonesia became the second most popular venue for the citizens of Australia for a vacation. The position of Indonesia is to New Zealand as a tourist destination Australia citizen of the year 2014-2015.

Uniquely, the local news sites Australia urged residents of Australia for further corporate Indonesia. “Bintang Beer is cheap, the climate is warm, and party favors. But there is more to life than, Kuta, Seminyak, Ubud, “or this site outlines five tourist destinations in Indonesia that are worth a visit by Australia addition Bali, namely:

1. Flores

“Suitable for nature lovers” Flores becomes the recommendations because of its status as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Tourism Australia is invited to see Komodo dragons on Rinca Island, Virgin beaches, fields, savannas, and volcano in Flores

2. Lombok
“Perfect for the surfing enthusiast,” the appeal of Lombok have numerous waterfalls, deserted beaches for surfing, and the backdrop of Mount Rinjani, Lombok recommended to travelers making Australia. If similar Bali Lombok when 10 to 20 years ago.

3. Sulawesi
If the diving lovers Austalia Tourism should pay a visit to the Togian Islands especially in Sulawesi and Bunaken diving site called world class. In addition to the Toraja also recommended for Australia.

4. Yogyakarta
For Australia the hobby with the field of archaeology, Yogyakarta, and Magelang to see the beauty of Borobudur and Prambanan.

The “Yogya is also known as the place of culinary arts, traditional dance, puppet performances, and various crafts. This is holy land for food lovers who love delicious food and cheap, ”

5. Bayuwangi
Look at the life of animals in natural areas Baluran became an attraction for tourist Australia. Besides the charm of Ijen and the Red Island Beach in Banyuwangi, East Java was also visited by tourists should famous Australia

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Conscious Competence

I often ask students, later when it’s willing to pass the so what? Want to work as what?

Most of them do not know the answer. Some want to be answering this and that, but when asked about what competencies are required to get the desired job, they do not know.

They only dreamed of wishing to be something but does not traverse a path to the goal. It’s called the dream is empty.

There is my friend communication majors. He wanted to become a journalist. Then he focus is studying the lectures would be a provision to be journalists.

The choice of courses he took were all related to the preparation to become a writer. He then was indeed such a reporter after graduation.

Such is the way the roads towards your dreams. Without that effort then your dream is the sheer empty goal. If by chance Your ideas are not parallel with majors in college then you should learn Extras, from sources outside of the College.

How to know the required competencies for the job you want? Read!

Articles this problem many famous on the internet. Stay in touch with your future! Bergaullah with people who are already working in the field that you want to go, both real and virtual.

Guidelines for it at once making your network get into the world of work. Remember, networking is essential in achieving success.

Lecture time used to be my IP is mediocre. But I am aware of the question of competence. I understand the structure of physical science I learned. I mastered the necessary competencies that must be owned by a Bachelor of physics, among them master the measurement system as well as the analysis and interpretation of data for measuring results.

So when enter works as a field engineer in the oil industry, I am calm. All the basic principles which are the principle of measurement I have mastered. I just need to learn to know how when you use specific measurement tool.

On the other hand, to career paths in the world of research I was also ready. I can draw up proposals for research, and the same as above I could build the system of measurement in physics experiments. Then I have no difficulty in the selection interview scholarship recipients.

Also, the language of my TOEFL 570 United Kingdom. I’ve been writing in the mass media. I also have regular public speaking or presentation in front of a crowd, not even able to give training.

That’s how. Students should be aware of what competencies they need to wake up, and roads to build it. There are core competencies. There is also an additional competence. baju muslim

Without it, you should stop the lectures only. Since graduating Bachelor’s any possibility you will have so unemployment only.

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Hillary Clinton and the historic moment of the splitting of the “Glass Ceiling”

Does not feel it has been four decades of a Hillary Clinton adorn the face of the United States.

Starting from his career as a lawyer, renowned Yale University graduates name started getting sound when the married Governor of Arkansas Bill Clinton.

Along with the election of her husband became President, Hillary spent two periods in the White House in his capacity as the first lady.

Dive into practical politics in 2001, he was elected and served as Senator from the State of New York for eight years until appointed as Secretary of State in Barack Obama’s Cabinet.

Politicians are women aged 68 it could be said to have felt the bitter political tart. The storm for the sake of political winds did not stop embarrassing indiscretion hit ranging from her husband in the White House, accusations of lying and negligence in the attack on the Embassy of United States (us) in Benghazi, the scandal attached to email abuse identical him as a figure of power-hungry woman politics.

Of course one of the most defining moments abuse-heart Hillary, and her supporters are shocking defeat eight years ago at the hands of a charismatic young senator from Illinois named Barack Obama.

Hillary that when it is a strong candidate for the occupant of the White House “crashing back to Earth” when he had to forget his ambition to become the first female President of the United States.

Exactly eight years ago, June 7, 2008, Hillary Clinton delivered a speech his defeat which is always remembered as one of his best speeches. Allegory has always remembered from that speech is the use of the word “glass ceiling” (glass ceiling).

Hillary delivered indeed he has not been able to break the “glass ceiling” very tall, sturdy, and it’s hard. However, he confirmed the 18 million u.s. Residents who chose it has helped shatter its slightly from the surface of the “glass ceiling” was.

As for the “glass ceiling” in the question is to be the first woman to win the ticket of the presidential candidate of one of the major U.S. Party (Democrat or Republican).

Eight years later, 7 June 2016, Hillary Clinton carve out ink history by becoming the first woman to win the nomination of U.S.

This historical moment of the occurred 97 years after the U.S. Congress ratified a law that gave women the right to vote in the election.

“There is no” glass ceiling ‘ is too high not to be solved. Don’t anyone tell you that nothing is impossible in this country? The barrier has been broken. Social justice can be realized. The history of this country shows we have been moving in the right direction, slowly but surely, thanks to an entire generation of American nation never gave up, “said the Chicago-born woman with this fiery.

Hillary also emotionally not forget calls her Dorothy, known as the figure who most inspired meeting journey of his life. Dorothy Day was born in the exact U.S. women were given the right to vote.

“I hope my mother to be present tonight, saw her daughter has become the Democratic Party’s,” said Hillary was full of emotions that his supporters including her husband, Bill Clinton.

Reflect this historical moment, Hillary upload a photo on his Facebook page where he was along with a daughter.

“For any girls who have big dreams, true, you can be anything including a President, this evening is for you,” writes Hillary.

Toughness and stubbornness of the figure of Hillary are indeed feasible given the thumbs up. However, the real battle has just started.

Hillary knows there is still a “glass ceiling” was the last of the most challenging to solve that is to become the first female President in the 240 years since this superpower standing.

He will fight presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump, on 8 November elections upcoming.

Tight battle certainly will be long, hard, and it will be tinged some colorful language war given the opponents faced are a Trump who has spewed forth some languages that have surprised the country’s political realm of Uncle Sam.

Regardless of whatever results in November 8, descendants, and that certainly history will remember Hillary Clinton as the first breaking of the “glass ceiling” which was previously unreachable at all.

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Thrift Business Makes This Woman So Billionaire

Linda Lightman (53) never expected could be a billionaire from activities that fad is doing. Chelsea thrift, the woman who lives in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States, this resulted in millions of us dollars per year.

Linda was initially utilizing a website online store for selling video games that are already no longer worn by his son. Pleased with the results of that sale, he was melego try another used goods.

“Most people don’t know that in the House over 52 unused items are lying for granted,” said the mother of two children who now wear this Stuff Linda’s store name, such as, written Tuesday (3/9/2015).

When cashed, call Linda, stuff it could be worth up to 3,000 us dollars, the equivalent of around Rp 40 also used the exchange rate now.

Linda began to try from selling secondhand goods of his own, such as clothes, shoes, and accessories.

“As a homemaker, not that of limited activity, kan. Everybody, including homemakers, can do it. We can all get a lot of money from this business, “said Linda.

Unexpectedly, the new business week undergoing it, Linda contacted his friends to trade off also goods that are unused in their home. The reason my friends Linda, they have no time to sell second-hand goods yourself that.

Slowly try business he does best-known people, although only through word of mouth promotion. Many people ask Linda to trade off of used goods unused.

Nobody feels, in 2006 Linda already employ 20 employees. Seeing a business opportunity that could run seriously, Linda began to study methods of online business.

Now, after 15 years since the opening of Linda’s Stuff, he’s been producing 25 million us dollars. That figure is worth about Rp333,325 billion to wear rate now. cantengan

Not only selling

In Indonesia, a handful of people already starts inspired thrift business model as Linda. What’s more, a row of online shopping site of origin Indonesia began to be exploited.

The poll results from conducted R & D Compass against the respondents in 14 major cities in Indonesia by phone on 9-11 April 2016, mention, at least 16.3 percent of them admit never to sell used items through our online store.

Other results, two out of five respondents said the thrift sold through shopping sites more quickly sold. Not only that, but most also enjoy easy transacting with buyers. In fact, one out of 10 respondents feels nearly all types of used items at their disposal can money be made fresh.

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