The Myth Surrounding The Wrong Body Posture

The Myth Surrounding The Wrong Body Posture

The Myth Surrounding The Wrong Body Posture

Fact or fiction? We heard some of the myths surrounding body posture chiropractic physician, said Dr. Richard Arrandt, based in Chicago. The following myth is wrong on everything from lower back pain to jaw joint that caused due to bending:

Myth: Bend just make me look bad, but do not cause long-term damage.

Fact: there are many effects that can be caused from bad posture and some in between can really cause serious problems.

“When bent, their heads forward and shoulders forward. This can lead to jaw pain and headaches, as well as shoulder pain dani back, “said Arrandt. manfaat sit up

“In addition, the mechanism of the spine that are not aligned can affect the ribs, so the risk of damaging the heart and lungs, as well as causing digestive problems.”

Myth: cross your legs causes varicose veins.

Fact: this is not entirely true, but couse legs have some negative consequences.

According to Arrand, “Crossed one leg over the other foot can increase the pressure. If Your veins systems closer to the skin surface, they will look more prominent. Varicose veins occur more frequently in women than men because women more often sit with legs crossed. ”

Myth: close JAWS with hard make jaw became taut

Facts: The Facts! The jaw closed very tightly, it to up grit your teeth, will increase the tension on the temporomandibular joint (TMJ or jaw joint) and create tension in the area. These joints ultimately tension can also cause headaches, neck pain, upper back and pain. ”

Myth: there is nothing I can do to reduce the impact of bad posture.

Fact: this is simply not true. Arrandt says, “the bent posture is the effect of the ergonomic body that false, but there are exercises you can do for fix.” Arrandt recommends weight training and stretching that focus on the neck, shoulders, and back.

Myth: bad posture is genetic.

Fact: bad posture can be genetic, but that doesn’t mean you should give up. Sports with focus toning and strengthening core muscles i.e. the muscles of the middle part of the body, including the stomach muscles and the inner part of the muscles closest to the spine, it can help improve your posture.

So, it’s easier for you to sit (and stand) upright. The practice of yoga and pilates will also teach and train core muscles and familiarize you posture well.

Myth: bad posture cause scoliosis.

Fact: Wrong. According to Arrandt, most cases of scoliosis are idiopathic, which means they are from unknown causes.

There is no relationship between posture and scoliosis, which include the establishment of curve from side to side of your body. There is also a curve in the front to the back of the spine, and it can get worse if you often stoop.

Myth: working in front of a computer all day will damage the body posture.

Fact: Yes, this is true. Sitting in front of a computer all day can force you to stick his neck and head to the front and shoulders curved, well into the future.

“This could lead to back and neck pain,” said Arrandt. To overcome this problem, use the appropriate ergonomic work benches arch your body.

If you frequently call or received a call at work, use a headset, so that Your head and neck is not tilted to the side. Position tilting to the side it is often the case with unconscious while someone is talking on the phone.

Last tip: take the time to rest, to simply walk around the Office and do stretching.

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The Wear and Tear of the Road

There is very much a difference between business travel that may last a day or two or even a week compared to the life some business people must go through who travel continuously for weeks or months on end. But it is a necessity of some areas of business that professionals representing that business do stay out on the road for a very long time. These road warriors are examples of people who understand the wear and tear the road can cause on the body, mind and spirit after months of continuous travel.

As humans, we are designed to have homes and nest. So the life on the road runs against that natural instinct to settle in one place and rest there. So the first challenge of traveling continuously is finding ways to replicate a “normal life” despite the constant travel. The one factor that can help with combating road weariness is the psychological factor of familiarity.

Because business persons who travel for many weeks may not see the same people for very long and often move from city to city, the hotels and restaurants eventually begin to blur into one place and the desire for the familiar and “home” starts to make itself known. So one way to provide that sense of sameness is routine. Even on the road, one can establish a routine that you can look forward to each evening. Whether that means watching the same television shows, scheduling your calls home at the same time each day or week or establishing hotel room rituals, by maintaining a “sameness” no matter where you are living at any given time gives the traveler that sense of normalcy that is missing in a life of nonstop travel. Wanna more listing? you can find at direktori bisnis Indonesia.

Oddly enough, role models for living successfully on the road are some rock and roll bands who have been living such a life for years if not decades. If you examine their approach to touring, the ones that live that life for very long learn quickly to avoid substance abuse and live a healthy lifestyle. While the typical businessperson doesn’t have to get up and perform on stage for thousands, it is important to sleep well and see your digestive systems and regularity remain stable during the constant change of travel.

That may mean establishing an exercise regime that you simply do not break. A morning run followed by a sauna and a light but healthy breakfast not only can get your day off on the right foot, it can confirm your routine and that you are in charge of your lifestyle on the road, not the hotel or the circumstances around you.

Another lesson we can witness from professional musicians who travel a great deal is an intense devotion to professionalism. For the musician, they are on the road for one and only one thing, to put on great shows for their fans. That focus can keep them centered for long periods of time. We can translate that focus to what we are about as we set out on a long business journey. By focusing on what we are on the road to achieve and give that 100% of our best efforts, that will give us validation when we find success at every stop along the way.

Musicians who learn to survive the road learn to take care of each other and use a sense of family and mutual support to get through a tough tour schedule. If you are traveling with others from your business, that same mutual support can go a long way to toward helping each you survive the experience. Talk openly about the challenges of traveling for such lengthy periods of time. Form an accountability structure to your professional friendships so each of you is looking out for the other. If you can get everybody out for that morning jog, soon your ability to work as a team goes beyond just how you function during meetings but you become a mutually supportive team in getting through the rigors of an aggressive business travel schedule.

By looking at the challenge of surviving the wear and tear of the road as one of life’s great adventures, you can gain an energy and a resolve to win each and every day of your business journey. And that resolve will be contagious for your fellow business travelers which translate into greater success in your business ventures during the trip as well.

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The Tale of the Trip

One of the things that makes business travel appealing is the fact that your company covers your expenses with your expense account. Since you are on bona fide business for the sake of your business, being reimbursed for the costs of the trip is routine in the business world. Now we don’t want to abuse the expense account but if you live in a reasonable fashion on the road, you can get reimbursement for most expenses of the trip.

But problem about getting reimbursed for your business travel expenses is that you have to file a report when you get back. While it seems like a nuisance, you cannot expect the company to reimburse you for expenses if you don’t know what they are. But this calls for a certain amount of discipline on the road so you have some documentation as you travel that you can use to compile that expense report when you return. There are some things you can do to make this process of managing that expense report less of a headache.

For starters, before you leave, make sure you are very aware of the company’s expense policy and what is covered and what is not. Some companies use a per diem system which means that the company may allocate you a set amount each day for room and board and anything you spend above that is an expense you will cover. If your company uses the per diem system, make sure you know it well so you know what you can expense before you run up the charge.

Keeping track of businesses expenses on a busy trip may become a nuisance as you travel. But you don’t want to get home and not be able to document the trip. The good news is there are some simple systems you can put in place that don’t take a lot of your time but will make keeping those business expenses tracked and ready to report for reimbursement when you return. They include…

§ Use Credit. Your credit card statement can be a running “tale of the trip” that can serve as emergency backup should you need it.

§ Receipt retention. It is easy to lose receipts if you put them in pockets with other documents or let them float loose in your briefcase. Maintain a daily envelope that you religiously put receipts into as soon as you get them. That can ride comfortably in the inside pocket of your jacket or in your briefcase so you know you have that record of your spending.

§ A running log. Even if you keep receipts, you can get home and find the task of sorting through them and trying to remember details about that expense can be a challenge. Make it a daily practice to sit down at night with a small notebook and go through your receipts and make a ledger of what you spent that day and on what.

§ For when you don’t get a receipt. Carry a pocket notebook and jot down when you spend cash or don’t get a receipt for an expense. Tips or snacks needed to get through the day should be recorded in this way.

§ Lock those receipts down. Just as you kept your receipts secure during the day, put them someplace secure at night so they will be locked down until you return. Sealed envelopes work well for this purpose.

If you want to take the system to the next level, you can actually bring an expense report form with you and fill it out each day as you go. Then when the trip is over, you just sign it, bundle up the receipts and submit it to accounting. For an even more secure method, you can use Microsoft Excel on your laptop or a digital version of your company expense report to update each night as you move your receipts to storage for the rest of the trip.

The important thing is to develop a system that works for you without fail as you travel. Then make your dedication to that system a priority as you travel. Putting some thought and effort into managing the expenses of your trip will save you a lot of headache when you get home and help you enjoy that expense account and your business trip as well.

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How to get rid of pungent flavor

How to get rid of pungent flavor

How to get rid of pungent flavor

For some people, the consumption of spicy food can be delicious and stimulating the appetite. It’s just that, it will arise a sense of discomfort when it emerged a sense of spiciness, a burning sensation on the tongue, and body perspire.

Well, to get rid of the spiciness of it, researchers at New Mexico State University’s Chile Pepper Institute found a quick way to do namely drinking milk. In their study, the researchers found that the protein in milk can substitute for chemical compounds that make the chili tasted spicy and caused a sensation of heat and fire. manfaat daun binahong

“Capcaisin is a chemical compound found in chili peppers that make it taste spicy and hot. Well, milk has protein which could replace the capcaisin receptor on your tongue. So, we call drinking milk is the fastest way to ease the spiciness and a burning sensation that comes up, “said Paul Bosland, Director of the Chile Pepper Institute.

Reported by the Daily Mail, where one bite of Chili, capcaisin will stick to receptors on the tongue. Then, the receptors on the tongue would carry the signal to the brain that the body has touched something hot that in some people, they get sweaty when spiciness.

In addition to milk and its derivatives, Boslan say carbohydrates such as bread or sugar are also potent relieve spiciness. So, according to Boslan this study could offer a quick easing of spiciness, compared to the way that is often done for example drinking plain water or even alcoholic drinks.

Related consumption of hot pepper, Dr. Dr. Ari Fahrial sham, SpPD, consultant channel cerna from the RSCM, say chili is good for the digestive tract. For those who experience constipation, chili may increase peristalsis of the bowel for expedited the process of defecation. For overall body metabolism, calorie burning process making chili takes place more efficiently.

Dr. Ari added, in addition to containing capsaicin, chili also contains Vitamin C, Vitamin A, minerals, antioxidants and fiber. But, he reminded those who have a history of ill mag so be careful when consuming chili.

“While the symptoms attack, should avoid spicy foods and acidic. Only after the symptoms of stomachace is improving, the Fed chilli does not matter the origin is not exaggerated, “said Dr. Ari.

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3 Application Signal Booster 3G & 4G Reliable Powerful

Application Signal Booster

Application Signal Booster

3 Application Signal Booster 3G & 4G Reliable Powerful – Indeed, in our country are not evenly distributed Internet network is perfect, there are many specific areas that have not terkonekti internet signal. But you do not worry beforehand, because the author has prepared the amplifier applications plump powerful 3G and 4G. Previous authors have shared Download Free 5 Application Signal Booster For Mobile Android Application signal amplifier is greatly needed for smart phone users, for example android, blackberry, iOS, and others, when your existing Internet connection so slow / lola, you might feel annoyed and sometimes have to search for specific places that have a fairly stable internet network for example in the yard of the house, outside the house, or in other places. Let us look at just 8 signal amplifier application for android 3G and 4G.

Application Signal Booster 3G & 4G Reliable and Powerful

1. Application Signal Booster 3G & 4G

Applications signal booster that this one was already no doubt the quality. If you download this application you eat will get features such as the following:

Will work with 4G, 3G, 2G, LTE, UMTS and GSM
Will amplify the signal
Will speed up internet connection
Battery life will be better than ever
The download speed is very fast
The call quality is excellent
Able to increase internet speeds of approximately 60%
Streamlining when watching video youtube

2. Network Booster Plus Free App

Signal amplifier applications this one is already very popular with his ability is quite remarkable. This application is able to improve the network connection 3G internet. FREE Network Plus Booster can be used in tablet and HP. Please can you try

3. Network Signal Speed Booster apk

Network Signal Speed Booster / Network Booster Free App is one of the 3G signal booster app for Android. Applications that one signal booster has been downloaded more than 1 million android users to have a rating of 4.76 / 5.0. Network signal booster pro apk free speed is a signal amplifier grossing apps in Google Play.

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How to Make a Mask Yam Eliminate Dark Spot Acne Scars

Yam mask or yam is a natural recipe that has been handed down mainly practiced for beauty treatment facial skin. Long before the discovery lotion and facial whitening cream, natural face mask of Yam was already popular, especially among noblewoman. In addition to Yam, there are many other natural materials are commonly used as a mask. For example there was a mask of avocado, rice, tomatoes, honey, banana, papaya and others. Even the latter is so popular is egg white mask. However, Yam mask can not be replaced. Therefore, the usefulness is no doubt about it. And of course, each material has different properties.

How to Make a Mask Yam

How to Make a Mask Yam

Before known as a material to make a natural mask, Jicama tuber itself is commonly eaten because it tastes sweet and refreshing. Yam has the Latin name Pachyrhizus erosus and included in the family Fabaceae alias legumes. This plant comes from the Americas. The Javanese call it Besusu, while the Sundanese call with Bangkuang. Cara membuat masker bengkoang

Yam Mask Benefits for Beauty
mask Yam
Nowadays, many companies kosmeti that uses yam extracts for beauty products. However, make a mask of his own yam better benefits because it does not cause side effects when compared with factory products are on average had mixed chemicals.

In Indonesia alone, mask Yam is known as a natural ingredient for beauty treatments princess palace. Well, now it Jicama can be obtained easily so that everyone can feel any benefit Yam mask.

1. Eliminate Dark Spot Acne Scars

Acne is a big enemy for beauty. Already recovered was still leaving black scars that interfere with performance. Yam contains pachyrhizon, rotenon, vitamin B1 and vitamin C can help remove the black stain of acne scars.
2. Refreshing Facial Skin

Mask yam has the effect of cooling the skin. Because it is often also known as cold powder. Its function is to skin is make your skin fresh, and make the face look more relaxed.

3. Whiten Skin

Natural mask made of Jicama has long been believed to brighten and whiten skin. As evidence, now more and more beauty products that use chestnuts as a main ingredient skin whitening products.

4. Prevent Aging

Yam contain high antioxidants so good for the skin. High antioxidant content in Yam serves as an antiaging which makes the skin always looks younger. In addition, it can also prevent wrinkles or wrinkles.

Those are some benefits Yam mask for facial skin beauty care. Now we proceed on how to make it.

How to Make a Mask Yam
Make yourself at home Yam mask is actually not too difficult. It’s just that many are lazy for thinking complicated. In fact, it is a bit complicated anyway. But the results are better and without side effects.
In manufacturing, Jicama can be mixed with other efficacious natural ingredients. For example, with pure honey, rose water and rice flour. Here is a tutorial how to make a mask Yam fairly easy.
Take a medium-sized yam, peeled and then rinse thoroughly.
Cut jicama into two pieces, then shredded.
Squeeze the grated Yam, and keep it in a bowl of clear water.
Let stand Yam juice for an hour until the white part that settles like flour.
Separate the juice of yam with flour at the bottom of the face. Flour is what will be used as a mask or a cold powder.
Apply sediment Yam flour on your face mask using a brush.
Let it sit for a few minutes until the mask is dry by itself.
Rinse your face with clean water and dry with a soft towel. Remember, do not rub your face because it will cause irritation.

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increase your appetite so it can improve the appetite decreases

increas appetited

increas appetited

Loss of appetite, or decreased appetite, typically is a symptom of another problem that is more fundamental such as disease, certain psychological conditions, patterns of life, or because of the age factor. Many things can be the cause of the descent of a person’s appetite. Call it while taking the drug in treatment, emotional conditions such as depression or anxiety, to smoke or consume alcohol.

Consult with your doctor to make sure the main causes of the loss of your appetite, because the condition could have been caused by other more serious diseases.

1. the tantalising Food
Suguhlah a more attractive and more flavorful than usual. This can increase your appetite so it can improve the appetite decreases. The food is “delicious” in the eyes and nose will certainly arouse the appetite of anyone. Ask a family member to present your favorite foods. Try to avoid drinking before or while feeding, because drinking can make you feel full faster.

2. food Seasonings and herbs
Appetite can also be stimulated through herbs or herbs such as ginger, daun gingseng (not good for people with high blood pressure), papaya leaves, dandelion, orange or lemon, peppermint leaf, alfalfa leaf, until temulawak.

3. Multivitamin
Konsumsilah multivitamins to replace nutrients lost during your appetite is being dropped. Intake of B vitamins are also good to stimulate your appetite. Similarly, with the intake of zinc and copper (copper) that can help the ‘ sharpen ‘ senses of taste you.

See a variety of recommendations supplement and multivitamin supplement appetite for you or your child here.

4. Physical Activities
Exercising, although mild, can increase your appetite as effectively. The relaxing path, cycling, swimming, yoga can give rise to hunger without burning excessive calories. Exercise will help the absorption of nutrients from food and fishing your hunger, so that will increase your appetite.

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Foods that Will be Able to Add Your Weight

food to increase your weight

food to increase your weight

While the vast majority of people want to lose weight, in part more precisely want to gain weight. This could make the first group ‘ jealous ‘. But for those who are thin, this program could be a challenge. Without medical reason, skinny people who have fast metabolism system, so it is sometimes very difficult for them to increase her weight.

Many reasons why someone would want to gain weight, ranging from to improve the appearance, increase confidence, enlarging the muscles of the body, to the health reasons. For it they will find out and tried several ways to gain weight in a healthy way. It is true that the soda drinks contain a lot of sugar and a variety of junk food will add weight, but certainly not good for the body in a long period of time. cara menghitung berat badan ideal

The best way is add weight by eating naturally – and healthy, as well as paying attention to your calorie intake that goes into the body.

The following are the 10 foods that will be able to add your body weight healthily.

1.Red meat
If you want to gain weight, increase your intake of red meat. For example, steak, which contain a lot of protein and iron. You need a high fat content in each amply cut. In addition, there is also a rib of beef, sausage, meat soup, chunks of beef tenderloin, and others. Food-the food is high in cholesterol, and is suitable for your needs.

2. Susu Pure Beef
Change of pure cow milk with susumu. Especially for you who are accustomed to consume skim milk (nonfat). You need it to help gain weight. In addition, pure cow’s milk is very high, and particularly vitamin A and vitamin d.

Fortunately you can use milk in many ways like mencapurnya with cereals, oatmeal, or in the form of a glass of milk to drink. If you’re used to drinking coffee, use pure cow’s milk as a creamernya.

3. Selai Beans
Peanut butter is packed with protein and fat, so it is very suitable for those who want to gain weight. One tablespoon of peanut butter contains 100 calories and 4 grams of protein. Besides peanut butter a high content of folate, magnesium, vitamin E and also vitamin B3. You can enjoy it together with bread or oatmeal.

the added weight of peanut butter
Peanut butter, delicious and healthy. Good to gain weight.
When choosing peanut butter products, select a product that is natural and pure, without the high sugar content and various other additional materials. Learn the ingredient on the label/packaging of each product.

4.Tropical fruit
Living in tropical countries like Indonesia, the loss otherwise exploit a variety of tropical fruit that is very good to put on weight. Call it the banana, mango, papaya, and pineapple, which has high natural sugar content. These fruits will will also give you more energy every day.

Add as many pieces in the pattern makanmu everyday. Not to worry, because nobody is being too fat because it consumes fruits.

5. Alpukat
The popular green fruit is excellent for adding to the intake of healthy fats into your body. Avocado fruit contains high calories, including potassium, folic acid, vitamin E and vitamin b. you can enjoy it as mixed in salads or fresh juice made pure. Delicious and healthy, right?

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How to Increase Business Being Respected Fanpage So Many People


No need to feel sad when we’ve compiled many business plans remain ultimately fail, even following the business forum the results are still the same and nothing changes. In the business world, we would definitely feel the tidal outstanding. Moreover, if we have a lot of rivals moreover own scale of a larger network. Surely it will feel being the income that is not maximum.

Then how are we to maximize our business with additional income from the business that we make. You’ve heard the name fan page, the page for those who follow the activities of a social media one created on facebook fanpage. If we know, actually making this fan page we can add revenue through the creation of this fanpage.

Why we can add revenue through the pages of the fans, this is because Google provides a business forum that had been made neatly so that businesses can manage their business properly without having to feel lonely visitors on the website that you create. If talk about the cost, of course the company of Facebook also will attract an administration fee for people who use fanpage page for a fee. This occurs because every advertisement we make through the website, would be connected with the site facebook, so the info update on our business will be read very well and will be shown with this fan page.

After that, there are some benefits that can be learned from making this fanpage. When facebook page promoting our website, people who like the page will create a one-click results if cashed in the form of dollars. So the more people who like the page of our website, then there will be paid every click is called pay per click.

Besides liking the page, visitors certainly fanpage we’ll read an article that we have made regarding our business, so many visitors  fanpage, will be more people who know about the sites we. And it will increase our website traffic sites being used for business. Not another case with Jasa Adwords Terpercaya can help optimize our site to be more visitors. So social media applications that exist today, it is no longer only used for chatting application or up to date status, but as a place to manage the business has also been effective.

Then, what about the other advertising services, whether it is good for us when use in starting a business, or are we just simply use facebook and make fan pages and then we got a lot of advantages to people who visit our site? The real answer is we also be able to use the services of ads already supplied by a reliable vendor with services like google  AdWords. So we do not have to worry about no amount of advertising services, because we can choose a trusted advertising services for the survival of the business being managed.


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Tourism and Culinary place Coolest in Jogja

yogya beach

Lots of culinary jogja seekers are being hunted or the hunter a good meal around Jogja area. Of course some culinary places in Jogja which we will discuss this in summarizing from various sources that will provide recommendations culinary place of Jogja Jogja culinary and also cheap with a distinctive taste Jogja.

Yogyakarta or Yogyakarta, the city that has the best tourism which certainly million mandatory for you to visit. Having natural attractions and an incredible city, of course, makes the atmosphere in Jogja or Yogyakarta is very charming and you must visit. Some places may become available to the recommendation when Jogja include Sermo Reservoir in Kalibiru, Bukit Parang Endog, Niagara Sri Gethuk jogja, Sunday Morning UGM, Yogyakarta Suroloyo Peak, Turkish Pok Tunggal jogja, and Curug Indah Tegalrejo.

on this occasion we will invite you to discuss about Jogja culinary information that would be very useful for those of you who are currently in Yogyakarta city and you are at least obliged to sample the culinary Jogja is very typical for berkuliner new experience.

At least there will be about some culinary places in Jogja which will be the login to your culinary jogja. Well now is the time you read the list or the list of culinary tourism in Jogja that you must try when you’re in the city of Yogyakarta.

Kalimilk Yogyakarta

Info culinary jogja first is a coffee shop which is very famous in the city of Yogyakarta, this culinary place known by the name Kalimilk Yogyakarta. Turns coffe shop in the city of Yogyakarta that many enjoy doing is a coffe shop serving milk as a menu mainstay and one coffe shop with milk as its flagship menu is Kalimilk Yogyakarta.

Uniquely Kalimilk Yogyakarta has its own designation for customers ie Neneners. Menus are served by culinary jogja this one just does not taste the original milk alone, but provided a variety of flavors such as durian flavored milk, cookies, chocolate, and for those of you who like to snack, in Kalimilk also available snack.

manggar Manding

For a second culinary cheap jogja this is a culinary attractions in Jogja the call with manggar Manding. Menu culinary in Manding manggar are warm, but warm in the culinary Jogja’s this one is not the same as another. Gudeg in Manding manggar is made from young coconut flower.

It seems that in manggar Manding menu has become one of Jogja culinary, because this warm seems to be a special meal the first royal era. Menu gudeg in Manding manggar is served with a variety of side dishes such as tempeh and vegetable bacem krecek.

Bong Kopitown

Culinary tour next Jogja is a tourist spot that has the concept as a prison in the city of Yogyakarta. Even for the building of Bong Kopitown is equipped with bars just like in prison and even unique in the culinary tour jogja Kopitown Bong also include prison guards.

a lot of the food menu is served in this Kopitown Bong, like let’s say spicy noodle rendang, fried noodle penang, drip coffee and sapo know. If you want to try the sensation of eating on a culinary tour jogja Bong Kopitown this please go to the address 4th Street Sagan Kidul, Yogyakarta.

Mie permeable 12

For info culinary Yogya or Jogja culinary place in which to four this is a very creative place to eat. Because in the culinary Jogja permeable Mie 12 will present noodle menu like the one in the picture packs of instant noodles that we usually cook at home.

In other words, you will get instant noodle dish as well as that of the bungus the instant noodles. Let’s say you want to eat instant noodles with rendang flavor, then you will bowl complete with menus or extra side dishes like beef rendang as on packs. Not only was it in a culinary Jogja permeable Mie 12 this you can also enjoy a soda and milk shakes.

House Of Raminten

With the culinary concept of Jogja very traditional, House of Raminten this presents with a menu such as rice cat, cunduk, wedang lemongrass, tofu balls and satay. For the building of the House Of Raminten nuanced as Java.

Uniquely when you eat, you will be accompanied by gending or Javanese music which will surely add a traditional feel to be more embedded in our hearts.

3 best recreation areas in jojga

Sermo reservoir

Sermo reservoir is located in a mountainous area Menoreh, Kulon Progo. Shopping is very beautiful, especially at sunset. Tourist attractions in Jogja which has Kalibiru name, is the name of a village and forests located in the district Kokap, Kulon Progo. Villagers who preserve laamlah who make this tourist location is very beautiful and you must visit. Only Rp. 3000 only, you can feel the beauty of the Sermo Reservoir and green felt Kalibiru.

peak Suroloyo
Soroloyo peak tourist attractions in Jogja is fascinating to feel the beauty of the sunrise. Suroloyo peak in situated in Menoreh Mountains, Kulon Progo, Yogyakarta. Tourist attractions like paradise, offers views of the sunrise over the surface of the cloud. From the substation highest viewpoint, namely at 1019 meters above sea level, is certainly very interesting and you can also see four incredible views, namely Mount Merapi, Merbabu, chipped, and Sindoro, you can also see Borobudur if the circumstances were sunny andnot shrouded in fog.

Turkish Pok Tunggal
Many famous beaches of the area gunng Kidul. but there is one unique hidden beaches like heaven on earth. Located between the cliffs cliffs make this beach very charming. Turkish Pok Tunggal is the name of paradise located in a privileged area of Yogyakarta.

The beach is just known its existence, so not many tourists who visit this beautiful beach. Even if lucky or come on the day of work, you can feel the beach to yourself, like a queen beach.

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